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i thought snub nose revolvers weren't accurate? must be a .38spl/.357 thing.
Quality snubbies from S&W and Ruger are plenty accurate. The problem is that most people can't shoot them accurately.
o yea, i plan to rotate cci velocitor and aguila interceptors in my new little friend for ccw duty. or should i use the subsonic 60 gr(?) with that short barrel?
It's difficult to give an authoritative answer to this because I haven't seen any terminal ballistics tests of .22LR ammo out of a barrel this short. However, there are some general rules to consider:
  • Out of a barrel shorter than ~6", .22LR is pretty much categorically subsonic, regardless of the load used.
  • Standard .22LR hollow points generally won't expand at short-barrel velocities. I've personally fired a couple of cheap high-velocity HP loads into water jugs with a 4" S&W M18 and expansion was zero.
  • Lightweight hyper-velocity frangible loads such as the CCI Stinger and Aguila SuperMax may expand and fragment, but against larger critters, this will generally reduce penetration to the point of uselessness. Save these for shooting small varmints and/or water bottles (splat!) with a rifle.
  • IMHO you're barking up the right tree using hyper-velocity solids since these will probably outperform any other load, but they'll do it at the cost of substantially increased muzzle flash and noise, and the increase in performance over a regular high-velocity solid will probably be small.
I would consider sticking with standard inexpensive HV solids, but if you can live with the increased noise, YMMV.

Oh yeah, almost forgot...
Dr[y] fire it with empty shells in it.
I don't like doing this because the firing pin can mash the shell badly enough that it becomes hard to extract.

However, I've been told that ordinary plastic drywall anchors work great, although I haven't personally tried it and don't remember which size was recommended.
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