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My intent is to manufacture some custom pins with the same design as the stock pins, but with a larger diameter, say .2490-.2498". I own a small machine shop, so this is do-able, but I'm wondering if this would be worth making several sets and offering them for sale, since it appears that no one else makes them. I would probably make them out of 17-4PH stainless steel that is pre-hardened to Rockwell C45 and bead-blast the exposed areas so they aren’t reflective. I have a couple of friends with ARs who would like a set, but I was curious if anyone else out there would be interested in something like this.
I'm sure you would have a niche market for these. It would grow as the word circulated on the gun boards.

Would you offer custom sizing, or just a standard .2502?

The problem would be dealing with people that have no clue on how to do a precision measurement. Asking people to measure to a ten-thousandth when most have a problem with a hundredth or even a tenth.

On my uppers that had a sloppy fit it is normally from a oversize takedown pin hole. I have made inserts for these to tighten them back up.
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