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Most states provide for justified SD wildlife kills....... and not so wild.

I've done more than a few fdefense of life and property (DLP) bear kills. Mostly as a result of having to solve someone elses problem (public safety) but I was charged once while trying to locate a small brown bear and give it the deterrent treatment and ended up having to kill it instead.

I've had to investigate many more DLPs by citizens and over the years I've learned that I can't expect the average person to react in the same manner as I would. There have been some that I questioned as justifiable kills, but the people involved aren't me, nor do they have my level of training and certainly not the same level of confidence and gun handling skills.

The ADF&G has a standard DLP form that asks specific questions and provides for the person to make a written statement of the details surrounding the kill. This is turned in to the ADF&G along with hide and skull. ADF&G reviews it and if something is out of place it gets turned over to the Alaska Wildlife Troopers for enforcement action.

KRAIGWY is correct, there is far more danger from cow moose with calves and territoral winter moose than anything else. If a moose is whacked in SD, the meat is salvaged, turned over to the state and is given to a charity on an approved list like a food bank or homeless shelter.

The AKPEN, SE and probably Kodiak are the exceptions for bear activity. When I lived along the Yukon, we saw and dealt with bears every now and again. Out here on the AKPEN it's nearly every damn day from May- October.

I should have added in my post about laws against discharging firearms within city limits as well.
I'm willing to bet a justifiable SD shoot of anything human or animal is an affirmative defense or exception to the rule.
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