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Since I have to go right by there to get to Hunter's and make the reservations for the 24th, what the hey, I might as well stop in. A quick check of the ole wallet shows 3 $20's that the slots in the Riverboats in KC didn't get ahold of .

yeah, 9:30 sounds about right. If you see the round guy in the suede jacket and the Pikes Peak ball cap, that might be me. Depending on how flamboyant I feel, I might be the round guy in the ankle length duster . (Sumpthin 'bout that new Coach Gun just brings out the Cowboy in me.)

Either way, If I run into any of you, your of course welcome to be my guest at Hunter's afterwards. I'm going to take along the digital camera and snap a couple of pictures of the range at Hunter's so you guys can see what to expect.
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