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I've tried them all at one time or another.

Micrometers---I like plain old mikes, with a tenths vernier on the barrel.
Had digital and ones with analog "counters" on them, they are OK but
they don't do anything a old school micrometer won't.

Calipers: My 24" and 12" are vernier. I've also got a couple of 6"
verniers, but they don't get used much. A good set of 6" Mitutoyo digitals
gets the most use.

Dial calipers: If you are in a CLEAN environment, go for it. Dials work off
of a microscopic gear rack and a itty bitty spur gear. Sooner or later, if
there is any dust/dirt/chips etc within 10 feet of the thing, a piece will get in
the rack and when the spur hits it it will jump a tooth. You won't even know it
did it until you try to fit two parts together and one part is off by .015" or
so. I currently own ZERO dial calipers.
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