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The point of a fast draw is not speed for its own sake. It's simply that if you do need your gun, you have no way to know in advance how much time you'll have in which to put it to use.
A 80year old man can draw a weapon in (2) seconds. My point is that IMO, the speed factor is not likely to be a primary consideration in most gun fights. It will be in "some" cases and it has been in others... My thinking is that if I need a weapon- then i need it. I wont be considering a timed draw time vs- how fast a person can transverse 26 feet. If I am thinking about that then I am probably not in life threatening danger. If a person is inside my reactionary gap and can likely get to me before I get to my weapon, It doesnt mean that I am not going to try anyway. I practice a clean draw in every type of clothing that I wear, speed however- is not a primary consideration. Again, this is just my thought and I share them for friendly debate and not to criticize anyone.
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