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finally found one! lcr 22! yes its for ccw! dry firing safe?

well its to replace my naa mini revolver tbh.

i bought a lcr 22 today at the gunshow. i was interested sure, but when i held it in my hand i had to buy. $409 + tax. plus $30 for a romera holster.

i stopped in a field on the way home. i shot 100 rounds of federal 550 bulk and 100 rounds of winchester red box bulk. no problems. i was very surprised how accurate the lcr 22 is. i thought snub nose revolvers weren't accurate? must be a .38spl/.357 thing.

8 shots of very accurate 22s are more appealing to me than 5 snappy shots of the others. the lcr 22 will indeed be a ccw for me.... as a backup to my glock 19 or the lcr 22 will be a ccw when im sure i don't need to be carrying. its like it isn't there. i also think its a great "get off me" gun. but the main reason is for plinking fun and fun it is!

o yea, i plan to rotate cci velocitor and aguila interceptors in my new little friend for ccw duty. or should i use the subsonic 60 gr(?) with that short barrel?

i would consider a lcr in 38spl only after i shot one.

so i see a video on the lcr 22 and the guy is dry firing it like crazy. if that may damage the gun would it be safe to dry fire with empty shells in the cylinder?
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