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You guys are amateurs.

One buddy of mine, (he was about 20 years older than I, but we were great hunting buddies) always packed a nice lunch for the both of us to eat on the tailgate of the truck during the lunch hour. Generally, it was something like ribeye steak, sliced thin and served on a hard roll, with steamed asparagus warmed over a small campfire. A variety of sliced cheeses as palate-cleansers, along with either coffee or tea, depending on weather.

Nowadays when I'm hunting with the grandkids, I generally carry in my hunting sack a big bag of trail mix, along with beef jerky. Our lunch break is a variety of cold cuts with good bread and soda from the cooler. If we're going to the camp for lunch, then we'll generally make biscuits, grill sausage and chicken on the wood-burner and if we're lucky one of the ladies will make a white gravy. We can always count on Bobby to have a pot of beans on the fire. Sometimes I'll drag out the Dutch oven and make a beer bread to go with the beans.

When you're hunting, there is no reason to eat like a starving hippy.
Dennis Dezendorf
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