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Many years ago we'd go hunting for 10 days to 2 weeks at a time in the Texas Hill Country just south of Kerrville. We didn’t listen to the radio much and stayed around the property the whole time. During the middle of the day I heard aircraft coming. In a bit a flight of attack type helicopters stretching from North to South came flying over at near treetop level. I thought it was kinda odd but oh well. After they had passed out of hearing going back behind me toward the West, I heard jet engines, I mean really loud. So then from North to South across the sky at treetop level comes a flight of B52's also heading West. They were low enough that I could see the pilots and the rivets on the fuselage. After they passed over I told my Wife that we might ought to turn on the radio. Maybe they were doing war games, never heard nor read anything about it but at the time it kinda alarmed me.
Another time, maybe a couple of years later, my wife and I were walking the property line when we walked up on about a 20 year old boy sun bathing in the nude. We had a little confrontation. He thought he was on his Grandfather’s property way up the hill from us. The next day his friend came stalking into our place thinking he was on Grandfather’s place too. Later I invited him and his friend to leave my part of Texas.
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