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doubt someone will see this but.....

this is just a thought on an idea i had. iv seen these chamber adapters for 308 and 30-06, you put the adapter on a spent 7.62x39mm casing, apply the included locktight, insert it into the chamber and keep the bolt closed for no less than 12 hours. after its set, you can open the bolt and it will eject the 7.62x39mm casing, and feed the rounds just fine. this is what red jacket firearms did to turn jessy jame's BAR from 30-06 to 308. i had the idea of doing this on a G3. the standard magazines work just fine, and g3 mags are cheap. this would give you a nice set up thats easy on the wallet, with concerns to ammo and magazines. the adapter its self is like 25$

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