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MLeake His original statement did not give his location.

As far as recoil, due to the weight I found it much easier on the shoulder to shoot and my 03-A3. I found it hard to keep it on target (junk car at the time at 100 yards) but that’s more my lack of experience with a full auto 30-06.
If she can handle multiple rounds in a Grand or shooting a 03-A3 I don’t see her having problems.
The first full auto I fired (Rising sub machine gun) the owner gave me the gun with only 3 rounds to let me see how it felt and to show him I could handle it. The next magazine had 5 and I was told to fire it without empting the magazine. This was more to see that I wouldn’t freeze up on the trigger.
The owner of the BAR suggested the same but when I told him of the full autos I had fired he let me go on my own.
I have shot MP-5's, Thompsons, grease gun, 30 and 50 Browning, M14's, M16's and an MP-40.
Nothing put a smile on my face better than Mr. Browning's BAR.
I grew up watching "COMBAT" on TV. Little Joe was my favorite.
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