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Bought a WWI veteran last week with L.K.S. 663. unit marking

While browsing gunbroker about 2 weeks ago, I found this and won. Its a FL Selbstlader aka Langenhan pistol in 32 acp (there was a smaller model in 25 acp and another 32 acp model as well) SN 74089 and all matching. It has a unit marking as pictured, which no one has been able to identify. Many of these were made, about 50k with nearly all going to the Imperial German army but they are seldom seen today. Mine has Crown / N nitro proofs but unlike most others, no Imperial proof. It does have this odd unit / police marking "L.K.S. 663." that even Don Maus himself, author of "History Writ in Steel - German Police Markings 1900 to 1936", was unable to identify. I got this treasure for only $225, a good deal in my opinion.

My WWI collection is coming along, slowly but surely...Top is a real DWM 1917 Navy Luger w a later mag (many Navy lugers are fake) and below is a JP Sauer 1913 with Imperial proof

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