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In my opinion, reloading an ironed out bulged case is just asking for trouble.

Any thoughts?

Here's where all the Glock fans will jump on me. Don't use a Glock with an unsupported chamber, that means all you with Gen 1, 2, and 3 glocks. Or a least don't use reloads in them. All other supported chambers will do fine, including the Wolf Barrels that replace Glock barrels in Glocks.

Ahhhhh, this burns my butt that after all these years and posts, some think that a thin wall pistol case will contain the preasure of a round going off. It's not the case but the chamber of your gun that contains the preasure. If the case has been over used and abused it will fail even with a good chamber and yes you will have a big problem.

So here's an idea, 1) Don't over use a reloaded case, check them each time you resize them and make sure the walls have not been compormised. 2) Don't make P+ rounds out of bulged cases. 3) All resized cases will be work hardened from resizing and more resizing, so use your brain when reloading anything.

Since I use range pickup brass, I have no idea what gun was used to shot it nor how many times it has or has not been reloaded. And since that is the case (pun intended), I bulge bust all my 40 S&W and 45 ACP cases.

Is it safe, YES but use your head and check your brass when reloading.
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