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flashlight education 101?

can some one help me understand these new tactical flashlights? brands, prices, lumens, size, features, types of bulbs, led's, etc?

i see some measure their power in how many feet the beam of light goes, others in lumens. are bulb lights still the best or have led's caught up. most seem to use the 123 batteries while i see some are using aa or other regular batteries.

prices seem to start at expensive and go up from there. is more $$$ really more flashlight? are there real bargins out there or a good reasonably price light out there?

i have had 1 of the tactical type 123 battery flashlights and while it was very brite, the batteries didn't last long and the flashlite sometimes got very hot to the point i don't trust it anymore. most of my flashlights are maglites or those big 6 volt type with a few free w/coupon little led lights from harbor frieght thrown in.

do i really need to buy an expensive "tactical" flashlight? are they really worth the money? do they last? do they get hot like my old light? thanks for any info.
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