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Remington 597 - Failure to Fire - New Rifle

Hi all, primarily a sporting clay shotgunner, picked up a new Remington 597 for fun, but I'm having some problems...

Cleaned the new rifle, went to the range with several loaded up clips. 3 clips are the stock remington clips that (supposedly) hold 10, 2 clips I got hold 30.

Firing was random. One clip would go perfect; then another clip would go bad, I'd reload, and would be OK. The clips holding 30 were hit and miss.

I call it a failure to fire because after I pulled the trigger & heard the click, no shot would be fired. I would pull back on the operating handle, and the bullet (unfired) ejects.

This happened over a dozen times.

Any ideas how / why this happened? Recommendations?

The best I can guess is:
1) I'm a clip n00b and don't know how to properly load clips
2) I didn't use a torque wrench to tighen the guide rail screws, and this jacked up firing the gun. Per remington the torque is supposed to be 10-12 lbs who knows what I did post cleaning
3) Firing pin is defective and I need to call Remington whilst under warranty
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