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In Texas silencers are illegal, but registration is an affirmative defense to prosecution. In other words if your silencer is registered, you can not be prosecuted by the state for possession. You could still be arrested, but any police office in their right mind will not do so if you show them your ATF form 4 or form 1. The ATF routinely approves the transfer of silencers in Texas also.

With the exception of rifles using subsonic ammo, there is still plenty of boom when you shoot suppressed. Some rifles are still too loud to safely shoot without ear plugs. AK's, M-1a's and other gas operated firearms using a piston/rod instead of direct impingement have noisy gas ports. The sonic boom from a high speed bullet is not quiet either. Even a suppressed 22lr pistol shot indoors without ear plugs is going to be uncomfortable, unless you are partially deaf. When I am at the local rifle range I shoot suppressed and with ear muffs. The range officers generally appreciated the silencers as they do not like hearing rifles with muzzle brakes on them.

I use a trust I made with Quicken Willmaker to own my silencers. Better that you have a lawyer advise you though.

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