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as always, you guys pulled through.. thanks..

and.. i'm in Texas. i have seen people with them, and seen them sold at a few of my local hangout shops.

i don't have anything with an extended barrel that i could use a silencer for, but, i expect in the future i will. probably an AR15 or something.

but i do have mixed emotions about silencing a gun, for no other reason than, part of the reason i go to the gun range is to hear the bang..

you hear "plink plink" you know they are shooting a 22.. then 50 yards over you hear BOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM and you know they're shooting a 300winmag... part of the experience for me is the noise and feeling the percussion.

But it would be nice to have a silenced weapon for shooting at my dad's place so as not to **** his neighbors off, and to save me money for not going to the range every time i want to shoot.

as for corp / trust, i have a few LLC's several DBA's, how do i go about it when i'm ready? lol
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