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I looked at Numrich, but that was after I had already bought two, one from a source even better known than them. I figured since I could not tell in the first two cases if it would match, and it did not, I would have no better luck with them and was tired of throwing away money.

I have not tried Colt. I guess I will give them a call. I have tried them in the past with other parts problems and never had much luck but you can never tell.

I was just hoping someone knew of the problem and there was a known honest to God matching part.

I did not try to see if the two I bought that do not come up to the old ones spec would work, I see no reason why they would not, BUT I believe it is obvious that they would not last as long or do as well with hot loads, not that I ever shoot hot loads, I don't.
However the fact that the old one has more metal where it counts makes me think that the newer ones (not made by Colt apparently) were changed by suppliers because they would work as well for a good while, and be significantly less expensive to mfg.
The "change" in the newer parts is much more than cosmetic, it is a reduction of metal in areas where that would result in less durability or strength. Check out the pictures and you will see what I mean if you compare that ejector to one sold today.
As far as there being a problem with the older ejector that made it peen, no, I do not think so, because it has performed flawlessly for almost 40 years, even though in the past, some folks I lent my Commander to at one time or another did indeed shoot some very hot loads through it. That was decades and many thousands of rounds ago. If it was soft enough to have been a problem it would have become so long before now.
I think it is peened just because of normal use. Nothing lasts forever, and with use any part will wear and fail sooner or later.
I would like to have one in it like the one that came out since that one has done so well for so long, and the new ones are obviously lacking in areas that could impact longevity. -Ken
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