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mowery 58 brass fore end

I have a Mowery 58 Texas Carbine traditional side lock made in 1976. It had never been fired until I bought it to use as a hog killer. It's a great rifle, but it likes to bend or break the pin that goes through the brass fore end and the underside of the barrel that holds the the fore end in place. It will bend or break that pin after only a few shots. I have tried brass pins, old nails, and drill bits, all fail. I am not shooting all that heavy a load, either, 90 g of ff black under a 440 g REAL bullet.

Right now I have the fore end held in place with a leather wrapping. Authentic, maybe, but annoying also.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to keep the pin from breaking? I can send pics if it will help. -Ken
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