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Al Norris
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Any advice from any of you attorneys out there will be greatly appreciated I assure you. Thank You,
Dennis, I hate to tell you this, but any attorneys on this, or any other board, can not give you legal advice. It's part of an ethics thing that is complicated by client-attorney relationships. None of that can be done on an open forum, where anyone can see/read.

We, as members of the public and private citizens, can offer our opinions. And that is all it would be.

Legal advice is something else, entirely.

I am not an attorney, nor have I ever portrayed myself as one.

There are ways to restore your rights, such as a complete expungement. For that, you will need an attorney. I would suggest that you contact the CalGuns Foundation, they may be able to suggest an appropriate attorney to help you.

Another resource, if you live in the greater LA area, would be:

Michel & Associates, P.C.
180 E Ocean Blvd
Suite 200
Long Beach, CA 90802

They specialize in California Gun Laws.
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