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RMB Custom Leather Rob Bennett

Needed a few more Blue Guns for holsters and decided to give a new guy a shot. He's been very quick to answer my questions and his new website has live inventory which is nice, plus he takes Paypal so no money out of my actual pocket.

Ordered a Walther PPQ, KT PF9 and Glock 34 Monday evening and got an order confirmation along with Delivery Confirmation within an hour.

Today I go out to the mail box and what do I have, a padded envelope with nothing in it. Appears that this moron decided to put 3 large blue guns in a padded envelope without taping over the end, needless to say it burst along the way and the contents were lost.

Contacted the seller right away and was hit with "Did you buy insurance?" to which I replied I was not offered insurance so I never chose it. He then tells me his policy is to not replace anything and that if I wanted them covered I should have asked for insurance.

Funny thing is I paid $13.99 for shipping and he shipped in a $5.35 Priority Envelope, told him if he was so worried about insurance he should have put some of the $8.50 extra towards it.

I'm ****** that he won't just do the right thing and either refund my money or resend my items. I bend over backwards to take care of my customers and would eat a little money when needed to make someone happy, knowing that I will make it back in the long run.

Turns out that this guy also screwed over another local holster maker, but did offer free shipping on her next order....

So if any of you are looking to get ripped off on either Blue Guns or some of my competitions holsters give Rob Bennett at a shout.

Buy the insurance, you'll need it
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Leather & Kydex Holsters

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