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Dang. Another black eye for the seat of liberty.

I'm not from Massachusetts. A couple of years ago I walked into the shop at my range and nearly broke my face when I took a right turn towards the rest room and slammed into a HUGE gun safe that was on the landing just inside the door. I asked the owner of the range what that was all about, and he said it was the property of someone local to the range who had a restraining order served on him, so he couldn't have guns in the house. Someone -- I don't know if it was the local PD (who train at that range) or the owner of the guns -- arranged to have the whole enchilada stored at the range.

I'm sure he's not "bonded" and I don't think I've ever heard the term used with regard to a storage facility. I don't even know if he charged a fee or just took the guns in as a favor to the PD and/or the gun owner. The safe sat there for about six months, and then one day it was gone.
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