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I need a real combat commander ejector not a cheap copy

I bought my Combat Commander brand new from the gun store in the mid '70's. I have never had the ejector changed or even removed in all that time. But now the time has come to do so, it is causing jams every so often due to being beaten down.

The ejector that was in my gun, was an original, Colt factory, Combat Commander ejector.

It differs significantly from two I recently bought online (tried twice to get the "correct" one), both of which were supposed to be exact replacement ejectors for a Combat Commander.

First of all, the original one was wider at its front part than its rear, the part that contacts the cartridge case is around twice as wide on the old ejector than the new ones, for a distance of around 2/3's of the way back along its length.

Next, the part under the section that contacts the cartridge case, is wider on its forward part in a way similar to the first thing I mentioned.

Also, the shorter of the two legs is longer on my old original ejector than it is on the two new ones.

Last, and a minor point, the finish and bluing on the old part is noticeably better than on the new ones.

So, as I said, the new parts seem to not be "original" or " like original" Combat Commander parts although they were from reputable sources and were claimed to be.

That said, they do look like they would work.

But I would rather have one like the old one that came out.

Is anyone else familiar with this problem? Where can I get an ejector that really will match the old one in my mid 70's Combat Commander ?

I do have pics if anyone would like to see the differences.-Ken
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