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Terraformer, good explanation. LenS, good background and welcome to TFL.

When obtaining my CT and NH permits, i researched MA laws (have to pass through to get to NH) and was appalled at what i learned. The "may issue" is pretty squarely administered in CT but in MA it really means "Mostly won't issue" and "can take it away whenever the whim strikes us". As you point out, if your permit is revoked, the SS descends on you to confiscate your otherwise legally owned property, and frequently the property of others to boot. I never realized that their seizure meant total dispossession.

And all that from one of the former colonies that started the whole movement toward revolution, independence and liberty.

Compare it to the laws in NH and VT, directly adjacent states, and again the striking contrast is hard to believe.

So what is your action plan to correcting the REAL problem, which is the completely unfair "may issue" laws? Is that one of the issues at stake in Hightower?
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