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A bit of an explanation might also help here.

Mass Gen'l Laws allows a police chief to suspend/revoke a firearms license (LTC) for any reason (or no reason) under "suitability" (written right in the law). Upon suspension/revocation one must legally give up everything they own (guns, ammo, mags, reloading components) to the PD and the PD can immediately transfer everything to a "bonded warehouse".

As a number of police officers have confirmed for me, even if multiple people in a residence have permits and each owns various guns, when they come to confiscate one person's permit and guns, they take EVERYTHING. They will NOT entertain showing proof that certain ones belong to residents who still have permits. That is part of what happened in the Jarvis case.

There are absolutely NO regulations on fees, terms & conditions, etc. (other than they have to maintain an FFL) and no legal oversight on the practices of the bonded warehouses. In fact I know of two FFLs who tried to find out "what do I need to do to become a bonded warehouse" and nobody in the state could answer their questions, so they abandoned the idea.

Thus, there are no regulations demanding how soon the owners are notified that a BW has their guns. By the time they get the bill, they usually have incurred fees close to or exceeding the value of their guns. Therefore very few ever claim their guns (assuming they ever get their LTC returned to them, which rarely happens in MA . . . you need a permit in MA to merely possess anything) and almost every time the BW gets to pocket the entire proceeds when selling the guns.

NES = a regional forum where terraformer and myself hang out.

"Evidence" of a crime is maintained by the PD and does not go to the BW. This case is strictly about non-crime related firearms.

Police towing services, eviction movers, etc. are closely regulated by law and regulation with Ts&Cs, fees, etc. approved by the state. AFAIK, only firearms BWs are totally unregulated. If they wanted to charge $100/week/gun (or even per box of ammo) for the storage charge, they would be well within the law as it currently exists in MA.
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