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If you haven't actually made the purchase yet, you might stop and reconsider. There are post-ban compliant ARs still made and sold. For example, what is in your local gun shop inventory? I know SW makes a sport version that is CT and CA compliant (just bought one) that has no comp or threads and the multiposition stock is pinned in place. (haven't pulled the pin to see if it is also glued!).

Downsides are no dust cover and no forward assist. The assist can be accomplished with a thumb if necessary, and the dust cover - i just decided to buy one that is completely CT legal. Came with a 10 round mag. Since we don't have the mag restrictions, i've stocked up on 30 rounders.

Stag also makes compliant arms, and is the only company i know making left-handed uppers for us southpaws.

It isn't hard to assemble your own, buying a stripped lower from an FFL and then getting an upper assembly with lower parts kits. Assembly instructions are all over the web, if you don't already know how yourself. I didn't go with that option because i didn't want to possess an illegal rifle in CT and face the (remote) possibility of being tried for a felony.

But your friend will have to answer falsely on the 4473 in order to make this go through. That is a straw purchase. Another grey area is buying a gun with the intent of giving it as a gift.

Good thing we have all these ridiculous laws to keep us safe from the other law-abiding gun owners.
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