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Accuracy "packages" cost 2 grand? Really ?

Ok, yes. The list of what gets checked and honed and fitted and polished is impressive. But they start to look like the seventy-five point check that is advertised when you get your oil changed. Really?
I can't argue with success and an inch and a half guarantee at fifty yards is really laying it on the line so I don't doubt that these smiths know their stuff.

But may I ask if there's maybe a few critical tasks that can be done to a high quality 1911 such as my Series 70, that will get me maybe seventy-five or at least fifty percent of the way there from my current five inch grouping wad gun candidate? I just want to find the smith who is more performance oriented than anything else and if polishing the link pin is really doing very little but is contributes two hundred bucks to the bill, can we leave it out?
Who are the Bulls Eye smiths out there who truly focus on the critical few tasks that really get a shooter in to Expert class but maybe let the shooter have the option to perform those other ninety percent of the list of upgrades when he really need them because that's the only way to get those extra couple of points?
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