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Didn't anyone read the article? (Forget the video)
Originally Posted by Tuzo
Unless Mr. Mackey was reading a Bible passage condoning or not condoning prophets using Glocks, this is not at all firearms related.
This forum (Law and Civil Rights) is all about civil rights. Not just gun rights.

How our civil rights are interpreted by the Government, affects us all. Many, in ways that can lead to suppression of other rights, even gun rights.
Originally Posted by hoytinak
Really, religious threads here? I come to TFL because this is one place I don't have to worry about having religion shoved down my throat. Off-topic
Would this be any different than if he was reading from "Mein Kampf?"

This is not a religious issue per se. It is an issue of free speech. We don't need to even think about what the man was reading. Only that he was, apparently, speaking 50 feet from the DMV.

He can't have been impeding the "business" as the DMV was not even open.

He can't have been speaking to a "captive" audience, as nothing prevented anyone from leaving if they didn't like what he was speaking about.

He can't have been "trespassing" as he was speaking on public property.

This is a government run amok and interpreting a law in a manner that forbids free speech in an arbitrary and capricious manner.

So forget about what it was he was speaking about and focus on the curtailment and suppression of protected speech.
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