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follow up

Yes. That makes sense to me now, both the reason as well as the relative importance in overall accuracy. The slide-to-frame (and frame to pin and pin to link and link to link pin) plays a role in the position of the barrel in lock up.
I actually had an ulterior motive; to get a bit smarter about some of the options before engaging a pistolsmith to begin a project; that is to modify a Series 70 and turn it in to a Wad Gun for registered matches.
This feedback was very helpful., though I'm inclined to just shoot a Model 25 now that I see the extent of what can affect acuracy in an autoloading pistol.
I get it though; the gun's design gave reliability and durrability highest priority and we have been trying to make a precision target gun out of it ever since.
As a mechanical engineer, my mind naturally wanders to the obvious question; Why hasn't someone invented a fixed breech autoloader by now to truly approach the accuracy potential that rimfire autos enjoy? If someone has, why hasn't it caught on?
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