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Newbie Decisions Finally Made for First Loads

I appreciate all the feedback I've gotten with all my questions. I'm sure most of them have been beaten to death by newbies.

First load decisions:
Winchester 9mm 115gr FMJ-RN. Going to weigh to ensure consistent weights.
CCI #500 primers
Alliant Unique powder: using start of 4.9 and working up until charge I like up to max of 6.6(if I get there). Got these from manual.
OAL: going to take average OAL from 100 Wwb factory rounds.
Winchester brass: going to trim to make all the same length within recommended guidelines.

Plan on loading 10 of each powder charge to check and see which one I like the best and get the desired results.

Ahhh, ok I feel better. Does this sound like a good plan, or am I forgetting something?
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