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I have the CPX2 with the stainless slide. I love the little gun, it is as accurate as I am. You can be really accurate with them, if you just pull the trigger say half way (you can watch the little hammer travel rearward) then line up your shot and then finish the pull. I like to think of it as shooting it single action (well kinda). Its reliable too. Of all the ammo I ran through it, I've had exactly ONE stove pipe (with my reloads). Its a great little gun for the money and customer service is really good. I wouldn't shy away from another one. A friend at work bought his black one the same time I did and his has been a great gun so far. With that said, the first generation of SCCY's were pretty unreliable and the company got a bad rep from that. But this new generation of them are pretty good from what I can tell. And the people that bad mouth them DON'T EVEN OWN ONE! Go over the the SCCY Forum and read up, most everyones opinion of the new version is pretty good.
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