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If my memory serves, I used about 18grs in the 38 and 22grs in the .357mag. That was FFFg Goex under a 158gr RN (Lyman 358311 w/SPG lube). I found that if I put 2 discs of medium brood core beeswax sheeting* under the bullets I could shoot them all day withut fouling the end of the bore (20" Rossi) but I got 4-6" groups at 50yds. If I left out the wax discs I got 1.5" groups at 50yds but needed to do a wet swab "pull through" between stages and got my shirt cuffs blackened. I went to 15grs 777 and got 1.5" groups and all day shooting, no fouling out & no pull throughs needed.

*medium brood core is the same beeswax sheets you see in different colors at craft shops in the candle section where you roll the sheets into candles. It has a honeycomb pattern impressed into it and is normally put into bee hives for the bees to start making honey comb on it. I prime & charge my cases then press the sheet over the mouth of the case to leave a disc of the wax in the mouth then seat the bullet on top.
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