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Top ten list for surviving a gunfight

1. Always maintain cool, sweaty palms, panic, etc. ....not an option.
2. Be aware of: front, back, flanks, and assailants' weapons.
3. Shoot the heaviest caliber you can shoot accurately, meaning at least a 1" group at 7 yards.
4. Never give weapon up, never surrender, even if perp has knife to hostage's throat, even if perp has drop on you...clear the holster to 1st shot in under half a second...Bill Jordan could do this, so can you.
5. Shoot accurately: single/double for 45 ACP, doubles for 40 S&W, triples or more for smaller calibers.
6. Shoot one-handed, you need the other hand.
7. If facing a single attacker, always move to attacker's weak side.
8. If facing multiple attackers, shoot leader first, then anyone with a long gun.
9. Always move, zig-zag to/from hard cover, unpredictability is good, be a ghost.
10. Retreat is OK, just do it like Rommel.

Fight hard, good luck, and
check your 6.
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