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A Little California Law Advice Needed

I made a mistake when I was young and was convicted of a Felony when I was 20 yrs. old in 1979. I never knew that I had a chance to rectify the problem and restore my constitutional rights. It's been 33 years and the worse I've ever done was a speeding ticket. I've just learned that I can have my charges converted to a Misdemeanor pursuant to California 17pc. I have been sent some of the forms from the county involved and my question is can I do this w/out an attorney? I'm on Social Security and like a lot of people a little short on cash. I realize I really need to speak to an Attorney, but before I do and spend some money I would at least like to know if it is possible to proceed with this on my own. Any advice from any of you attorneys out there will be greatly appreciated I assure you. Thank You,
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