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How much time do you have to provide this training?

Is it going to be classroom, range or both?

Is it a weapons class? Tactics class? Strategy class? Mindset class? Proficiency assessment/update class?

Is someone from higher up going to insert something at the last minute?

Is it going to be accredited as annual training (or whatever your POST equivalent might be)? Need to a pre-test & post-test?

You know the group of people you're going to be working with, we don't. Are there any specific perceived needs that have been expressed by any of your folks recently? Any shootings? Ambushes? Injured cops from an arrest? Any incidents that have highlighted some perceived need to be addressed?

Remember that you're going to have to provide useful and easily learned info that can be absorbed by the "least common denominator". Unless you're teaching a SWAT or special enforcement unit, don't teach to that audience. The least capable (and interested) person ought to be able to leave the training area and apply things you've taught.

Here in CA we have something POST has been doing called Instructor Development. The basic class is only a week long, but it teaches many things necessary to teach adults. Differences in learning styles, etc. It also emphasizes creating student involvement when it comes to students becoming participants group teaching dynamics. Useful for classroom environments, especially since it can help you pull out useful experiences that may be found within your student audience to the benefit of all students. Increases learning effectiveness. Increases student interest.

Be prepared to take whatever list of topics you'd like to cover ... and then cut it by 70% in order to create a practical teaching environment within the time constraints you're ultimately given.

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