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Franchi Instinct SL O/U

Does anyone out there own or shoot the new Franchi Instinct SL or L model in 12 gauge. I was looking at them at the local store and really liked them but was leaning towards the L model. I am using it for sporting clay and bird hunting.

My wife bought me the SL model for my birthday since they had sold the L model that I really liked. My concern is that the alloy frame on the SL model is about 1 pound lighter which could produce more felt recoil and as I get older the recoil might be a concern when shooting multiple rounds of clays.

I do alot of business at the store where she bought it and he told me he would take it back and trade it for a L model when he gets a new one in. I am looking for any pro's or con's so I can make my decision on keeping it or trading it back in for the L model.

Thanks in advance for any information or comments.
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