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$100 to $160 starting kit.

For those who skipped the link in post #5 (which connects to a thread with a BUNCH of posts and links right on point to this thread), here's a budget to assemble a starting kit; $100 to $160.

$30 to $90 press
$35 Lee's 3-die carbide set
$23 Lee's primitive (but very accurate) Scale
$10 The One Caliber/One Book loading manual for the 380 ACP
$0 ABC's of Reloading from your local library
$0 short length of 2x6 or 2x8 with holes in it to mount your press
$2 Carriage bolts for mounting the press
$0 rope or belt to tie the press to a coffee table, or you can just wedge the board in the drawer of an end table
$0 Home-made paper funnel (or just pour carefully) for transferring powder into your cases (or you could buy one for $4)
$0 a loading block to keep your cartridge cases organized made with a board and a 1/2" drill, or you could buy one for $8

Last week's newspapers or an old towel to pad the end table from the 2x6
Dropcloth (to catch dropped primers or powder spill) use an old sheet.
A bowl from which to dip the powder with the Lee dipper (or a teaspoon)

You will not be loading efficiently. You will not be loading fast. But you will be accurate and safe.

As funds permit you can add things that will make you faster and increase the convenience, but you will not have to be trading in your early purchases (losing money in the process) for better stuff. You can simply add things like:

Primer dispenser
Powder measure/dispenser
Bullet puller
and so forth.

Good luck

Lost Sheep
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