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From a law enforcement prospective are "Gun Owners" the bad guys?

In May of 2008 I was out walking my little terrier, when I was approached by a neighbor's son who was half my age, and twice my size. He took issue with a court decision handed down against me, personally as president of the Condo Association, the Association Secretary-Treasurer, and the Association in general, his mother, the plaintiff, lost the case.

He then proceeded to kick my dog in the shoulder. When I tried to defend her, he threw me down in the driveway, and I struck my head and then my back on the pavement.
I blacked out, but at some point I remembering hearing him call me an old man, adding a few choice words of his own.

When I finally did manage to make it back to my feet I was dizzy, nauseous, confused, and very disoriented. could see him as if, through a mist' standing in back and above me grinning from ear to ear. I remember my hand going under my shirt to the butt of my PX4. I remember him asking me what I had under my shirt. I remember he dropped to one knee to look under my shirt to see what I was holding onto.

He spotted my handgun (still in the holster), and ran to his mother's house yelling for her to call the police, and that I had a gun. I watched as he closed the door , and then turned and staggered back in the opposite direction to my house where I had my wife check for damage to my back. She found that I was bleeding across my back and from both shoulders. I tried to call 911 for help, but blacked out on the kitchen floor and that is where the police found me when they entered my house.

From the beginning the police didn't seem at all concerned about my injuries, only my gun. Before they left they confiscated my guns, and went through my medications (mostly for heart & high blood pressure), then called an ambulance to transport me to the hospital. My injuries consisted of a concussion that caused headaches, disoriation, memory loss, and loss of balance

After being checked out at the hospital I came home where I had to remain in bed for three days thereafter. Through the ensuing days I went through examinations, X-rays, and MRI's on my back and head. My back was swollen, blue and purple from above the waist to three quarters of the way down my butt. I was shaking constantly, experiencing vertigo, the sweats, and getting lost in areas familiar to me in daily life. My doctor insisted I stop driving. During that period I suffered from lack of appetite, periods of dizziness, nausea, and severe pain in my right shoulder and lower back.

Five days after the altercation I still had pain and swelling in my back, and another MRI was ordered. I was also told to I would need surgery on my right rotator cuff to repair the damage caused when striking the pavement. Several weeks later my Neurologist diagnosed me with having suffered a significant head injury and back injury. The police report stated "I was not assaulted"

Later, that same assailant, asked the court for a temporary restraining order against me due to the confrontation in April. The court granted the temporary restraining order, and during the hearing 30 days later, the court threw out (dismissed) the order for lack of evidence.

In conclusion, after the hearing, I picked up my guns at the police station. Nothing was mentioned of my CCW which had been revoked by the police. Today I went to the Police Station to renew my CCW only to be told it had been revoked for the "gun incident" It took a long time, but now I'm ******! During this confrontation I didn't draw my gun. I didn't even show my gun! If the neighbor's son had come at me again, after I had risen (and been aware what was happening) I would have pulled it and used to protect myself. My pup's Vet. bill was $183 which I paid.

NO ASSUALT? Yeah, right!
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