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Was across the street from Gander Mountain today and decided to take it in.

I asked for a bow expert and I think i actually got one. I was expecting some guy just out of HS who would tell me my old bow was no god and I had to get one with a red dot. Guy wasn't too old, but knew his stuff. He was a little scared of it breaking when he drew it. Of course, I have stood at the firearms counter there and heard many people with no idea about guns buy all sorts of garbage from the gun sales peoples mouths.

Which reminds me, while wating for the bow guy to show up, who it seems was actually shift manager or something, asked the guy at the firearms counter about pistol scopes for my new 460 encore barrel. He immediately asked if i was hunting in Ohio, then talked to me about his 375 JDJ and scopes he had on it and finally recommended I buy a scope they don't carry.

Best experience I have had at a Gander Mountain.

They don'y have a string, so i have to find one somewhere.
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