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Just for the Record

I know we all have equipment we think is the best, red, green or blue. But sometimes it's not the equipment's fault.

Just started reloading a batch of 357 Sig on a Lee Classic Turret with my Auto-Disk powder measure and Lee dies. Should be a snap, right?

Well the cases were prepared and cleaned, powder (Accurate #7) in the bin, dies set up in their holes and away we go. Not quite, seems every time I drop powder, there's none in the case when I went to measure the charge on the scale?????? Did this three times. What, the powder meaure is not working?? Things like this do not happen, at least to me with Lee equipment. So back in the can goes the powder and out comes the screw driver and appart comes the powder measure, must be something wrong??

Well, no, everything is the way it is suppost to be, so back in everything goes together and off I go trying to drop another charge, same results!!!

After sitting there for 5 min or so scratching my head, a light bulb finally goes on and I check the case. Seems in my concern about everything being just right, I forgot to put a primer in the case and since the powder is very fine grained it just went down the primer hole to the spent primer tube on the ram.

The moral of this story is "engauge brain before reloading" and all of us are NOT infailable. And it's not always the equipment's fault.

I know I am going to get ribbed on this, so shoot away, I deserve it.
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