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Top ten list for surviving a gunfight
Get a copy of Jeff Cooper's "Principles of Personal Defense" It is a 42 page booklet published by Paladin Press. Mine is copyrighted 1972.

Therein he explains seven principles of the Combat Mindset.
1. Alertness
2. Decisiveness
3. Aggressiveness
4. Speed
5. Coolness
6. Ruthlessness
7. Surprise

Although Cooper does not use the term Combat Mindset in this essay, he later does come to use it. This essay is not one of technique. As he states in his foreword: "But the subject of this work is more basic than technique, being a study of the guiding principles of survival in the face of unprovoked violence on the part of extra-legal, human assailants."

The Combat Mindset includes many things, but it comes down to taking immediate decisive action in counter-attack when you are attacked.
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