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I have killed 2 dogs in defense.

One when I was 16 years old, quail hunting, and a jerk let a Doberman loose to attack me when I was on the other side of the highway from his home, about 400 yards away. I waited until the dog was in the road and off his land (about 7-8 yards from me) and killed it with a load of #6 birdshot from the full choke barrel. He called the cops, and the sheriff said I had every right, and that I could press charges if I wanted to because he let the dog loose. He admitted he sicked the dog on me because I was “too close” and that “all hunting should be illegal”, even though the law was 100% on my side, and I was hunting on land that was open to hunt.
(He was a relocated California liberal, and was too stupid to know he could not sway those cops.)

The 2nd time was only 4 years ago when a very large dog was chasing my horses. I killed that one with a .308 from my up-stair window and I called the Sheriff myself. They came out, looks things over, collected the dog and took it to the owner, again with the message that I could charge her if I wanted to.

I know we have a lot of badge heavy cops in the USA and a lot of bad judges, and I THANK GOD when we have good ones like the ones I got to deal with.
Those that look at what is right and wrong instead of looking at the statutes to see if they "can make an arrest" are the good ones.
Good arrests are always those that traget what is WRONG, not just what they can make a case over.
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