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Get start for under $100?
Can I get started reloading in my studio apartment for under $100 with dies and stuff or should I wait. I only want to reload 380acp as that is all I shoot at this time a lot and it hard to find locally and cost a load when I do?
I'd have to check current prices, but the answer would be "just barely".

Lee Hand Press, Lee Autoprime*, appropriate shellholder for the priming tool, a reloading funnel, and a Lee .380 die set. The Lee dieset will include a powder scoop and shellholder, and a data sheet. Buy powder and bullets to fit what you find on the data sheet.

You might get in at about $100, without consumables. You will want to be getting more stuff. Try and squeeze in a pair of loading blocks, to keep organized.

The good news is you will be able to use all this stuff once you have more of what you need.

*a ram prime die can be had cheaper, especially in the Lee, but is way slow compared to a priming tool. A ram prime die is for people who need to dial in their primer seating depth exactly. You won't need to do that.

Notice a pattern here?

It is possible to get loading for under $50 with the Lee Loader
I don't think there's a .380 Lee Loader kit.
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