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I had no idea there was this much interest in this rifle.

I'm one of the engineers working at Redwood Engineering, i was one of Brians apprentices (Now qualified). I often quizzed Brian on his designs and ideas for firearms, being a very avid shooter myself.

I had no idea Brians designs had created as much interest as this however, especially internationally! I doubt he would've been surprised however.

The alloy actions were only really designed as quick-manufactured blank fire weapons. I would believe they could handle a light blackpowder load with a live barrel, but nothing more than a half standard charge weight.

The brass-receivers Brian made were designed to be fired. There are one or two floating around, they definitely are rare.
The design of the rifle itself is remarkably simple, yet extra-ordinarily ingenious. I had the distinct pleasure of firing the one real example Brian had complete in his gun room before his passing, and it was a true darling to shoot. In fact, Brian had often commented on wanting to shoot it more, but the only problem he could come up with on the rifle was that under live loads there was the potential (It had happened two or three times to him) when firing, one of the non-chambered loads could jolt out of the magazine.

The spare live-firing barrel he has is sadly now in the posession of the family Trust, along with the rest of his guns. There wont be much news about it until the legal wrangling has died down.

I may be able to dig up some of Brians original drawings however, and am willing to assist in any way i can with any of Brians designs. Sadly, his son shows no inclination to follow his father in terms of gunsmithing, so preserving what few rifles and pistols still exist is the only real way to commemorate the true genius that Brian had for firearms design.
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