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Bullet recommendations for 38spl/357mag

One of the cheapest and easily found is Remingtons black bulk bullets.They are soft almost pure lead if not pure lead and covered with a graphite lube.They have a hollow base and come in roundnose(looks very close to a Lyman 358311) or semiwadcutter.I have used them for a very long time and they are very accurate.In a 38spl case I have used 3.0 grs of Red Dot or 3.5 grs of HP-38 or Green Dot with very good results.The Green Dot load is a max load according to Lee's Modern Reloading so use it with caution in a 38spl it will be fine to go in a 357.
In a 357 mag case a starting load of 5.0 grs of Red Dot is a great one to try for plinking or small game.That loading is supposed to be a little over 1100 fps and I don't push these any faster to prevent any leading in the barrel.Any of these in my Puma lever action rifle are just a little jiggle on the shoulder and a great training load for a new shooter.
A little over a year ago I started to cast my own and my favorite mold is the Lee 125 grainer.(358-125-RF)It has a crimp groove and a nice size lube groove and even the first ones out of the mold every casting session are usually good to go.They drop out at .3605 diameter and are .548 in long.As near as I can measure the meplat is .234 inches in diameter.They are very accurate with a charge of 4.5 grs of HP-38 in both of my 357's,using 38spl brass.4.8 grs is the listed max again according to Lee's for a 38spl.
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