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Got my press last week and put out 200 rounds of 45 ACP. Ended up messing a few rounds up but nothing serious. First round was a test casing without powder and seated the bullet way too deep, another was i forgot the powder(Auto-Disk was turned off), and one i forgot the primer on. Other than those i took about 100 rounds to the range and fired them and they make my XD-45 much more accurate not to mention the feeling of them being made by me.

I also started sizing my 500 S&W brass but it seems that my carbide sizing die broke so that has to go back and get replaced.

I did assemble and shoot 5 .308 rounds as well as 40 store bought rounds to get the brass from them. The reloaded ammo grouped at 1/2 inch at 300 yards with a garbage scope. The store bought ammo was too inconsistent to even call it a group.
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