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"NFA 1986" doesn't make sense because it doesn't exist. The Hughes
ammendment was to the FOPA---Firearms Owners Protective Act of
1986. The Whole FOPA wasn't a bad thing. It fixed some glitches in
GCA '68. Hughes snuck his ammendment in at the last minute, and
it was passed by a very iffy voice vote. In other words--"The fix was in".

You want to try to modify an existing law and maybe have a chance of
success? Try to get suppressors de-listed from NFA '34 and reclassified
as a "firearm" which can be purchased on a 4473. If that's not possible,
try to get them reclassified as a AOW---$5 stamp instead of $200. In
a lot of the world suppressors are an over the counter item.
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