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I SD killed a bear in AK.He had already bit my former spouse and was not leaving.
I was offered,and declined,a bear hunt on the same trip.I was traveling cheap and light and did not have the resources to deal with meat or hide.I had no interest in shooting one to watch him fall.
I did encourage this bear to leave,he declined,and was heading toward me.We already had one hurt,and we were 200 river miles from the nearest road,then 7 road hours to Fairbanks.
It may help if you are at the hospital with an injured person as the questions are being asked.
We knew AK required the head and hide of a SD bear shoot must be turned in to Division of Wildlife.We complied.IMO,this reasonable law takes away any incentive to shoot one for trophy.

I can recall some a neighborhood dog that was loose and came into my yard as I was unloading my truck from a camping trip.Some dalmation mix.His hair was up and he was coming low and growling.
My machete handle was right there in the back of the truck.I fenced foil,sabre,and eppe a few years long ago.
I think maybe that dog looked at me in a sabre en garde with my eyes glowing red and saw something .He dropped his attitude,turned and went home.

What I am up against is not dangerous animals,but destructive ones.Mostly diggers.Racoons,skunks and foxes,displaced from open land by development,burrowing under structure.

Sometimes,it may even be a woodpecker working on the siding.

Unfortunately,old school handling of these problems can result in handcuffs.

Almost any action taken can result in "cruelty" charges,.
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