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Argentine Mauser 1891

My friend brought over this old rifle for me to check out last Friday. I immediately identified it as a mauser but it was like no mauser i had ever seen before, no extractor claw, jungle carbine stile stock. did some research online and learned some things but not enough to be happy with myself and im looking on here for some help.

Based on the serial numbers (E1XXX) i was able to find it is an 1893, and all parts have matching numbers (manufactured by Loewe). I could Not find Any rust on this gun, (we live in the desert so i find it believable) the bore is shiny with sharp rifling and the stock is in Amazing condition and (to me) looks to be the original (no pistol grip) i couldnt believe how it old it was.. However the seal has been ground and polished off, looks to be the work of someone who knew what he was doing as the grinds are square and not too deep. Also it has new sights (adjustable rear sights, looks kind of like 10/22 sights, dont know how else to explain it) and the barrels 'heat shield?' the top of the stock is missing but looks like it was done on purpose.

What I want to know..
Can i be sure this is a 7.65? have these guns been rebarreled, theres no out of place markings on the gun like a ".30" to indicate that its been rebarreled but theres also no 7.65 markings on the gun..
Also where can i get cheap ammo? ill reload some good ammo for it but id like to see how it shoots first.
And Last, How much is a gun like this worth? I understand its been called the last antique rifle/ the first modern rifle. its a beautiful gun the action is Really smooth, No rust but the mods i fear will bring the price down.

Thats all the info i have right now ill get pics up as soon as i can,
Thank You in advance
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