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I think trying different powders is smart....but you really need to stay organized if you're going to do that ! One powder at a time on the bench...etc...

I also like the idea of loading 10rd at min ....10 more at 0.1 grain more..etc ...until you get to max....but in a powder like TiteGroup the min and max on that only going to be 0.4 grain .../ so you need to be careful with it ...make sure your press is really tuned up properly.

115 gr FMJ RN is one thing ....but a plated bullet is something else...( like Berry's - which is ok up to 1200 fps and they recommend mid range jacketed bullet data ) but if you go with Rainier plated - they say use lead data... / but trying some plated bullets might be ok too ...along with some FMJ bullets...

and even try some different brands of primers....winchester, CCI ...but I'd stay away from Federal primers (they're awful soft ) and not recommended for most beginners.

but have some fun with it ...and decide what you like best...then invest in some inventory on components...
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